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QR code Menu, that works for you

Digital QR code menu, categories
Digital QR code menu, items

Digital QR code menu

Digital QR code menu design

Our menu service includes a whole range of functions for the restaurant, cafe or bar.

For your guests - this is a modern, easy to use QR code menu.

For you - this is an digital platform built around your QR code menu for improving a quality of customer service and increasing sales.

No purchasing expensive terminals for you and no application installation on your guests phones needed for our digital menu to work.

Digital QR code menu benefits

Enhancing Customer Experience

  • Working with digital menu is easier. Loading of the menu is faster. There is more useful information in digital menu.
QR code menu, enhancing customer experience

Attracting new customers

  • Guests are able to leave their reviews directly from the QR code menu. The more reviews - the more new guests are coming from reviews.
  • Convenient menu language switch - more guests-foreigners.
QR code menu, attracting new customers

QR code menu increases sales

  • Digital QR code menu sells more. Photos increase the appetite - the appetite increases the average check.
  • Making an order becomes easier. Less time to wonder, more spontaneous purchases - higher average check.
QR code menu, qr code menu increases sales

Saving business resources

  • Our QR code menu is easy to edit. Higher relevance of the menu, less time and money spent on updating the menu.
  • Our QR menu works right away. No need to install applications, buy terminals, wait for confirmation etc.
QR code menu, saving business resources

QR code menu service prices

If paid monthly

10 $
Charged every month
Total amount is $10

If paid every 6 months

9.6 $
Charged every 6 months
Total amount is $57.6

If paid annually

9 $
Charged every 12 months
Total amount is $108
VAT may be applicable

Free QR code menu for a month

You can try our QR code menu service first, and then decide does it suits you or not. It's free and we do not ask for your credit card details.

QR code menu service includes

  • An access to your menu by the link (for social networks, your website or google maps)
  • An access to your menu by QR code (for placement on tables, windows, showcases, doors etc.)
  • QR code menu with unlimited amount of categories and items
  • Both a mobile and a desktop version of the menu
  • Unlimited amount of viewings for your menu
  • An ability to remotely edit your menu
  • An ability to add employees to manage your menu
  • An ability to add several places into your profile, to easily manage a chain of restaurants
  • An ability to hide menu positions with one click
  • "Temporary unavailable" feature
  • "Old price/New Price" feature
  • An ability to create a multi language QR code menu
  • Unlimited photos and description loading for your QR code menu
  • Additional restaurant information feature (Address, Phone number, Map, Wi-Fi password)
  • QR code generator for your menu
  • Unlimited number of QR code scans

QR code menu FAQ

Our digital QR code menu is contactless and it’s always "on the table". Guests don’t have to wait for the waiter to bring them a menu or search for the menu on their own. The less waiting time and actions needed to make an order, the more orders will be made.

Paper menus can’t be edited, there is no way to create promotions and discounts quickly.

To maintain the relevance and presentable look of a paper menu, it has to be reprinted from time to time.

The PDF file is not interactive. It inherits all the disadvantages of a paper menu. Your QR code menu looks like a text based price list, and not like a modern store page that is made to increase your sales.

You cannot add photos and descriptions for every item to the PDF menu, it will immediately become huge and unreadable.

When you scan QR code of a PDF menu, you need to download it to your phone, which can be problematic with low Internet connection speed or if your guests just don't like to download anything to their phones.

PDF menus, once again, cannot be quickly edited. You have a new type of cheesecake? Now you have to redo the entire PDF and re-upload it to your hosting. In our digital menu, a similar operation takes 20 seconds and is easily performed even with your Android or iPhone.

No, you don’t have to. You can edit your QR code menu whenever you want. We have designed an administrator interface that makes it easy to edit your menu from both desktop and mobile devices.

We can also give your employees access to your digital menu so that they were able to keep it up to date on their own, without any action from you.

We have a demo version of a guest menu. You can see it here: QR code menu example

You can also look at the administrator's design of the menu and try all the features for free, by creating an account here:

Of course. You can try our digital menu service first, and then decide, does it suits your business or not. To try it you don’t need to add your credit card info or pay for a subscription. Our QR code menu is free of charge for a full month.

All you need to do is to create an account and we will automatically add a free month for you.

Your old QR codes will work if you change the name of your restaurant, cafe or bar. Or if you will change anything else in your digital menu.

Even the link, leading to your digital menu, can be changed at any time, and the old QR code will still work.